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LaRue Brown

A Creative Presence

LaRue Brown is an musician and songwriter whose unique style expands well beyond one genre of music. After creating "Bummer" featuring Miz Korona LaRue began working closely with Usher Raymond IV and his foundation to help provide opportunities for youth around the globe but most importantly the youth of Detroit, MI. 
 LaRue is a Graduate of Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. After graduating he worked with radio stations Mix 92.3 and FM 98 WJLB. At the age of 13, LaRue began working with the Detroit Youth Foundation which led to him teaching songwriting and music production courses to younger musicians at YouthVille Detroit.

Music has always been a passion of his especially playing the guitar and piano. At 34 years-old, he has perfected his craft as a songwriter and artist to peer long-time professionals; but, it’’s his sheer commitment to artistry that sets his work apart. Now In 2021, LaRue is working on releasing singles and a EP that will showcase his musical versatility & influences of Soul, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop & Country in an impressive way placing his sound rightfully in it's own lane.

LaRue has been fortunate to perform in California, Washington, Texas, Florida, Atlanta, Tennessee, Milwaukee, South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Baltimore, New York, Paris France, Marseille France, South Africa, Toronto, Shanghai China & Hong Kong China. 
 As the future unfolds, you will soon see how special LaRue Brown is.

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